Friday, January 16, 2009

Tamara's 8th birthday was on January 2. We celebrated by taking her to the Build-A-Bear store in Tallahassee. She chose a Koala bear, watched the lady stuff it, added a heart, sewed it up, gave it a bath and bought an outfit for "her". Then she registered it and got a birth certificate and a house to take it home in! Her bear's name is Rose!! :)

After that, we went to Chuckie Cheese for supper. We went around 8:00 PM, hoping to miss the big crowds. It wasn't real full!
Tamara's favorite ride was this horse. You had to pull the reins right or left to guide the horse on the screen. There was also a button to push to make the horse jump. :)

We gave her a "rider" doll with an extra outfit, a Breyer pickup and horse trailer and extra people and horses to go with the set we got her for Christmas.

Eric and Yolie came over on the 3rd for cake and ice cream. Carmen gave Tamara a Barbie with a pet dog. You can feed the doggie his little pieces of food and then push down on his tail and he does his "business". The food is magnetic and the set included a "pooper scooper" to clean up after him. You release the "waste" into the garbage can, which is attached to the bag of food and it recycles itself! LOL!

Happy Birthday to our little Princess, Tamara...we Love you!!! :)

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