Friday, January 16, 2009


I have been dreaming of painting our bedroom and it finally became a reality. Last week a friend came over to check out our leaky bedroom window and ended up cutting out the sheet rock around them and framing them in with wood...wood that needed to be painted! So what better excuse to do the whole room!?? :)
The next question was...what color? Our carpet is a light blue, so I had been thinking brown. Then I got a brainstorm to try something different and go with 2 colors...brown and blue!

Started out doing two walls and the hallway in Hoot Owl brown. The color matched perfectly with the new drapes we bought. (When the windows got re-framed, the blinds we had up didn't fit anymore, so we went with heavy keep out the light, but we also are finding out they keep out the cold/heat!! :) :) YAY! )

The brighter blue was the first color we bought, Dusted Indigo. After applying a "sample" I knew it was going to be much brighter than I wanted. So I took it back to Walmart and they actually let me return it!! Another :) . The second blue we got was called Smokestone. On the sample it looked more grey, but on the wall, it was PERFECT!! :)

Paint around the windows....

Rolling, rolling, rolling....

I wasn't sure how the "seaming" was going to go, with the two colors. I think the best tip is to use a tapered brush. I started out using an edger, but it seemed to smear the paint when I would take it away, so the brush did the rest...and it worked well!

One shot of the finished project. There is still a bookshelf to bring in and some other things to put in place, then MAYBE I'll post some better pictures of the whole room! :)

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