Tuesday, March 16, 2010

~A First~ & ~ A Baby Shower~

Today was a beautiful spring day all across the country, it sounded like! We had in the low 60's with a nice breeze....a perfect day for drying wash. I had done all but the towels yesterday, so this morning I got them out on the line nice and early!

Finally around 3 I decided to bring the towels in so I could make supper and still have plenty of time to get ready to go to a baby shower tonight. As I was walking away from the clothesline, I noticed smoke coming out of a pipe at the shop next door. I thought it strange, and looked again. That's when I realized the smoke was not coming out the pipe, but out along the edge of the roof!!! :O And about the time I realized that, I heard a loud POP! I knew nobody was over there, because the gate was shut. So I quickly ran my wash inside, grabbed the phone and ran back outside to be sure I wasn't seeing things.
By the time I got back outside I was *smelling* the smoke! So I quickly called 911.....(that's were "a first" comes in.....I've never had to do that before and I was shaking!!) :O Then I called the neighbor who owns the shop and told his wife that the shop was on fire!!

This is what it looked like after I got off the phone.....the smoke was pouring out the opposite side of the shop because of the direction of the wind!

It seemed to take F.O.R.E.V.E.R. for the firetrucks to get there......it really didn't take very long!!

BUT, the gate was locked!! :O Thankfully they have tools for occasions like that!

Finally in....

The fire was small, mostly contained to a garbage can! Don't know for sure what started it?? Just so glad it wasn't worse...I sure didn't know what they were going to find!

I got a kick out of this old truck....it was the first one on the scene, though!! :)


Tonight I was invited to a baby shower for my friend Beth's daughter Bekah. A couple of us ladies from church rode together. They are expecting a baby boy soon! :)

Visiting and snacking.....

Cute onesies made by Bekah's sis-in-law, Amy!! :) The cutest one was the one Beth is holding with a yellow tie on the front!! :)

Well, Dan is finished with school till the summer semester, so I am looking forward to some great evening's together!! If I can stay home once! LOL!!
Ya'll have a good night~

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Anonymous said...

Wow, we had the same temp as you had today...low 60's...that's just pretty fine, I'd say. :) Nice storm door! And I'm glad all your tests turned out normal...now let's hope the fluke-y symptoms just disappear for good! ~Twila in WI